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Manufacturing Twist Ties & Equipment Since 1953

Hanscom, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of twist ties, cohesive tape and cable ties used in the electrical, medical and food industries.

Manufacturing Services

For over sixty years, Hanscom Inc. has proudly manufactured Twist Ties, Cohesive Tape and Tejax Position Indicators. 

Hanscom Twist Ties for Bakers

Twist Ties

For temporary, throwaway, permanent, or repeat use applications. We provide an extensive amount of options for color and material.

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Hanscom Cohesive Tape for Medical Equipment

Cohesive Tape

High quality banding tape used for packaging bundles of tubing, insulated wire, fiber optics and other similar material.

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Cable Ties

Hanscom features a complete line of Cable Ties and accessories for every application. Our extensive size range satisfies all requirements.

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Hansom twist tie equipment Electro-Payoff Model 501-E

Twist Tie Equipment

We offer a portable, rugged, wire tie dispenser that goes anywhere and will dramatically boost your production rates.

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Tejax by Hanscom Analog Position Indicators

Tejax Position Indicators

Position Indicators feature standard or custom dial faces designed to match specific machinery and process requirements.

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Hanscom machining services


We are a fully equipped machine shop with a specialty in Swiss Screw Machining that allows for a wide variety of options.

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Over 1,000 businesses of all sizes trust us.

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Hanscom has been a reliable supplier to our company for over 50 years and has allowed our technologies to evolve at our domestic and international manufacturing facilities. They have supported our legacy product lines with and supported our new product development projects with punctual deliveries and expedited services when needed. Hanscom has provided excellent prototyping services with agility that reduces lead time for prototype iterations and lending expertise in making tooling that is scaleable from 8’s to 32’s to produce high-quality at production volumes.


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