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Tejax Digital Position Indicators

Digital Position Indicator Features

  • Easily mount the compact TD-30 indicator on all types of machinery and equipment where there is an adjusting handwheel or crank and fasten with a set screw.
  • Provides exact, incremental position readings on manually adjusted control shafts or spindles from a fraction of a turn to multiple turns.
  • TD-30-High impact injection molded housing (blue, black, gray, or orange).
  • TD-40 – Zinc Aluminum Alloy machined casting (blue or black).
  • Steel shaft collar with black oxide finish.
  • Housing designed with an advanced locking seal system to prevent unwanted cover separations and to provide dust-free operation.
  • Five digit counter with clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation available in 10 standard ratios. (See Ratio Table).
  • Available for horizontal or vertical mounting with four different viewing angles (See Fig.1).
  • Supplied with 0.060 (1.52mm) self adhesive foam mounting gasket.

Digital Position Indicator Applications

Ideal for use on these types of machines:

  • Packaging
  • Woodworking
  • Textile
  • Printing
  • Converting

Reduce set-up time and allow repeatable manual position changes and settings for positioning variable speed drives, distance between rollers, gate widths, valves and any other equipment controlled by rotary or screw motion.

TD-30 Plastic

Tejax by Hanscom Digital Position Indicators

TD-40 Metal

Tejax by Hanscom Metal Digital Position Indicators

Plastic or Metal Digital Position Indicator

Model A B C
TD-30 Plastic 3″ (76.2mm) 2.187″ (55.5mm) 2″ (50.8mm)
TD-40 Metal 3.207″ (81.40mm) 2.287″ (58.05mm) 2.233″ (56.68mm)

Ratio/RPM Table

Ratios Max. RPM Ratios Max RPM  
00010 1,000 00030 500 – Ratio displays after 1 revolution
00012/5 900 00040 400 – Decimal can be placed at any position
00015 850 00050 300 – Special ratios available on request
00020 750 00060 300 (ie metric equivalents)
00025 600 00100 100  

Other Ordering Information

Reading After
1 Revolution
TD 30 / TD 40 A 00.020 CW .750 Black
(1) — Model No. TD 30 /TD-40
(2) — Mounting Position A, B, C or D (refer to Fig. 1)
(3) — Reading After 1 Revolution Ratio from table above (others available)
(4) — Counting Direction CW – Clockwise, CCW – Counterclockwise
(5) — Bore Diameter Choose bore diameter, up to 1″ or 25.4mm
(6) — Color Blue, Black, Gray, Orange

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