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Hanscom Cohesive Tape

Hanscom’s cohesive paper Ty-Band

Hanscom’s cohesive paper Ty-Band is a high quality banding tape used for packaging bundles of medical tubing, insulated wire, fiber optics and other similar material.

With a specially formulated cohesive coating Hanscom Ty-Band will only adhere to itself and not to the bundle.

This unique characteristic makes Hanscom Ty-Band ideally suited where ease of application, secure packages, and quick removal from the bundle are all very important. Hanscom Ty-Band will not leave and annoying residue nor mark the material being packaged.

Proven in hundreds of medical applications, as well as in the electronics and fiber optics industries, Hanscom Ty-Band may be the ideal solution for your packaging requirements.

Hanscom Cohesive Tape for Medical Equipment
Hansom twist tie equipment Electro-Payoff Model 501-E


Cold seal cohesive coated bleached kraft paper in roll form.


Banding of tubing, insulated wire, fiber optics, etc.
  Manual: All roll sizes


Paper: Bright white kraft, .005″ caliper, 55 lbs. Basis weight (Tappi T-410 OM 83:55)
  Cohesive: Sure-tack, non yellowing, 24 hr. aggressive to full stabilization 20 lbs. Compression for full fiber tear with minimum stringing.
  Release: Flood coated opposite cohesive side to prevent blocking on rolls.


Roll Sizes: Standard – 31/32 inches wide x 2,000 feet (approx. 12 ½ – 13 ½ O.D.). Other widths available from 1/4 inch up and lengths as required.
  Cohesive side wound to inside of roll, release coating on outside. All rolls precision wound to insure package stability.


Rolls: Each roll is labeled with lot # and roll.
  Carton: Each carton is labeled with lot #, roll #, product number, and number of rolls enclosed.

Special Notes

Hanscom Ty-Band will not degrade when exposed to ETO, Gamma & Electron Beam, or Stream Sterilization.

Recommended storage out of direct sunlight.

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