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History of Hanscom, Inc.

In the early 1950s, Harris F. Hanscom was approached by a neighbor who identified a need in the dry cleaning business for securing hangers in bundles. With his engineering background, Mr. Hanscom developed the first wire tie.

In 1954, Mr. Hanscom developed a twist tying machine. This machine would secure a bundle of product with a twist tie. This machine soon caught the attention of the cord set industry and once again, Mr. Hanscom developed a machine that not only secured the twist tie to the product but also coiled or hanked the product. The “Hanker” greatly increased productivity for the manufacturers of cord sets. Hanscom, Inc. developed the reputation for taking something long, such as a cord set or garden hose, bundling it up and fastening the product usually for ease of handling or packaging purposes.

In the 1990s medical manufacturers approached Hansom, Inc. regarding fastening medical tubing into coils. They were looking for some kind of tape that would fasten the bundle but not stick to the product. Thus was born the cohesive tape. It sticks to itself and not the product. Due to the recent concerns of latex allergies, a latex free version of our cohesive tape was developed.

To round out our fastener offerings, Hanscom, Inc. also offers cable ties. Our customer base includes but it not limited to the electrical, medical and food industries. Please give us a call today regarding your fastener needs.

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