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Hanscom Twist Tie Equipment

Electro-Payoff Model 501-E Twist Tie Equipment

The Hanscom bench top Electro-Payoff Model 501-E automatically feeds and cuts spooled Hanscom-Ties to selected lengths from 2 – 22 inches. This portable, rugged, wire tie dispenser goes anywhere and will dramatically boost your production rates.

In the manual mode of operation, the machine feeds, cuts and holds the tie. Once the tie is taken the machine instantly repeats this cycle, feeding another tie of the same length.

Hansom twist tie equipment Electro-Payoff Model 501-E
Hansom twist tie equipment Electro-Payoff Model 501-E

Physical Dimensions

  Height 6.5 in. 167mm
  Width 6.75 in. 173mm
  Depth 16 in. 410mm
  Net Weight 7.25 lbs. 3.3 kg

Power Requirments

  Electrical Single Phase 120 v, 60 Hz
  Power Service 5 – 15 Amp

Maximum Cycle Rate


Dispensed Length of Hanscom-Ties

  Minimum 2 in. 51mm
  Maximum 22 in. 564mm
  Adjustable between 2 – 22″

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